Family Group - Crab Eating Macaques (Macaca fascularis)

Family Group - Crab Eating Macaques (Macaca fascularis)


Tazz (dob. est. 1997) and Munch (dob. est. 1997)

Tazz was living as a pet in the UK before she was handed over to an animal sanctuary. When the sanctuary closed down, Tazz was rescued from very poor living conditions and consequently, she has suffered stomach problems related to poor nutrition and a completely unhealthy and unnatural diet. Tazz is very alert and quick to notice if there is any danger about. She is always the first to react if any birds of prey fly over the sanctuary or deer and foxes appear out of the woods. Her alarm call can be heard by all the other monkeys who then join in the chorus!

Munch is another victim of the UK primate pet trade. Kept in a family home in a totally unsuitable cage, his companion, a small female, died from poisoning from slug pellets in the owner’s garden. To make up for his lack of companionship, his owners gave him a television to keep him happy!

In 2004, Munch’s life changed when he was rescued and brought to Lakeview. He now lives happily with Tazz with no television in sight! Munch is not the bravest monkey and will scream if anything scary happens, like a squirrel in a tree or a mouse runs out in front of him!


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