Family Group - Hamadryas Baboons (Papio hamadryas)

Family Group - Hamadryas Baboons (Papio hamadryas)


Tilin (dob. 1993) spent 17 years living alone in a circus in Bolivia, South America. He travelled from place to place in a tiny beast wagon with only 3 lions for company. His life consisted of a performance in the ring followed by confinement in the wagon. This he endured year after year, until finally, Tilin’s chains were cut and he came to Lakeview in 2010 where the process of rehabilitation began. 

After being confined and abused for so many years, Tilin had suffered so much muscle wastage, he couldn’t climb and to relieve and cope with the stress and boredom from such terrible confinement, Tilin would spin constantly in a corner.

Through the combination of a peaceful, calm environment, skilled animal welfare and company with his own kind, Tilin has made remarkable progress and is unrecognisable from the sad, abused baboon who arrived at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary in 2010.

Tina (dob. est. 2004)was the victim of the primate pet trade in Cyprus. Originally, she was bought from Israel as a pet and lived with her owner until she became too big and difficult to handle. Because of this, Tina was handed over to a donkey sanctuary where she lived for 5 years with a German Shepherd dog as a companion.

In 2011, Tilin and Tina’s lives changed forever, when they were introduced at Lakeview. After keeping them separate for a couple of weeks, eventually the slide between them was opened and they rushed to each other to embrace. Now, they are together forever.

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