Family Group - Rhesus Monkey

Family Group - Rhesus Monkey


Jubilee (dob. 1997) and Delphy (dob. 2000) live together in a large woodland enclosure adjacent to Delphy’s mother Minoem.

Jubilee came to Lakeview in 2011 as he was deemed too aggressive towards the other monkeys at another animal sanctuary. He is very active and agile and uses the whole of his enclosure where he and Delphy reach the highest point of any other monkeys at the sanctuary. When new enrichment is added to his enclosure, he always investigates and over the next few days, can be seen balancing and traversing along new and complex structures with ease. Jubilee can often be found being groomed or grooming on the ‘Pandora Platform’ located in the middle of their enclosure.

Delphy came to Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary from a Dutch rescue organisation along with her mother Minoem and Mulatta. She is extremely agile and quick and will use every inch of her large woodland enclosure, jumping and leaping between structures. Delphy is always the first to investigate any new enrichment in her enclosure much to the delight of students or teams who create these items for her and Jubilee.

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