Family Group - Rhesus Monkeys

Family Group - Rhesus Monkeys


Minoem and Mulatta are two old ladies spending their retirement at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary. Mulatta (dob. 1991) was originally confiscated by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture from a Russian ship in Rotterdam harbour (she was a sailor’s pet.) She was sent to a small Dutch zoo, then an animal rescue centre before eventually finding her way to her forever home at Lakeview. Mulatta has impaired vision which means she examines everything closely, especially food. What she lacks in vision, she makes up for in personality which she has in bucket loads!

Minoem was born in 1992 at a rescue centre in Holland. After being rehomed to a small zoo where she gave birth to a female, she was returned to the centre before being rehomed at Lakeview along with her daughter and Mulatta. Her daughter Delphy, lives with Jubilee in an adjacent enclosure whilst the two older females live together.

Minoem’s legs show some deformation and she walks with her legs bent as if she is crouching. This doesn’t appear to hinder her too much, as if something tasty is spotted, she is there in a flash!

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