Family Group - Vervet Monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops)

Family Group - Vervet Monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops)


Guy (dob. 1998) was the product of the primate pet trade in Saudi Arabia. His parents were kept at a garden centre, where their offspring were sold as household pets. Guy was purchased by a couple who realised that this was not the ideal life for a monkey and upon returning to England, they handed him over to Lakeview.

Guy now lives at Lakeview with a non-breeding female Vervet monkey companion, in a lovely woodland enclosure.

Girlie (dob. est. 1998)

Girlie was relocated to Lakeview after she became surplus to requirements in a zoo and faced euthanasia. As Guy was living alone after his companion had recently died, it was felt that Girlie was the perfect answer to Guy’s loneliness. 

Upon her arrival, Girlie underwent medical checks and a period of quarantine before she was introduced to her new partner. The mix went extremely well and they are now living in a beautiful woodland enclosure, the complete opposite to Girlie’s former life living in a noisy, busy zoo. As a quiet and timid monkey, the new living arrangements were perfect for Girlie, who now has a home for life.

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