Mickey, male Rhesus monkey

Mickey, male Rhesus monkey


It is unknown where Mickey originated from as a baby. Whilst a juvenile, he was sold to a circus where he was forced to perform. As he became difficult to handle, his canine teeth were cut and filed down and he was given alcohol to subdue him before being locked up in a small box. Mickey was finally sold when he was no longer any use to the circus and ended up being moved from zoo’s to ‘sanctuaries’ before finally ending up in an animal park. After a few years of living with two elderly monkeys, he again found himself unwanted, as the park wanted to redevelop and he was not part of the new plan.

Luckily, Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary heard of Mickey’s plight and offered him a home. Unfortunately, Mickey’s psychological health was very fragile from the years of abuse and this has led to him being unable to mix with the other monkeys. It has taken many years, but Mickey is now calm and relaxed and living next to the other monkeys who he sees constantly and communicates with daily.

Mickey will stay at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary for the rest of his life, in peace and tranquillity and surrounded by his own kind.

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