Your support matters

£5 buys a metre of rope
An active monkey is a happy monkey. Rope gives them exercise as well as entertainment, but they use it so much, it wears out.
£10 buys 2 boxes of meal worms and 2 boxes of locusts
The monkeys love them and they are packed full of essential vitamins, honestly!
£25 buys a 12 kilo sack of primate pellets
This will last approximately one month.

£50 would feed 11 monkeys
This would last 4 days.

£75 pays for 6 Kong dog toys for enrichmentTo be content, a monkey needs a happy, healthy mind as well as body and these toys help with their mental stimulation.
£100 buys 10 bales of shavings for night quarters
This will last four weeks.
£2,000 pays the heating bill for 3 months
Some rescued monkeys come to the Sanctuary with tails and fingers missing from frostbite.

It’s not all about money, to read more about donating supplies see below:

Can you help with any of these items?

Money is not all that is needed here at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary. We would love to hear from anyone who could supply wood, wire, building materials and tools, dog toys (Kongs), towels and blankets and anything else you think could be useful! Thank you.